Sunday, June 7, 2009

When one is out alone~

Was down at BHG yesterday and continued my newly started "kate" collections..... the 20% immediate discount "helps" as well...eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye pots, etc etc + coffret d'or too....My favourite brands of eyeshadows are
1) Lunasol
2) Coffret D'or
3) Kate


*rushing out now

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've got my new Kate eyeshadows

It's been a long while since I last blogged. I've been too busy trying to catch up on the blogs of beauty gurus i have found.. ...... By the way, I heard that BHG gonna have store wide discount for most of their products this coming weekend. Bugis outlet (Kanebo) will also be having weekend special this coming Saturday ... I've finally got my Kate eye shadows and lots of other stuffs :)... will post it another day...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Staying happy is a choice :) ~

Happiness is a choice...

Rimmel London is finally here! Their advertisements have always been pretty classy and fun. Somehow I have a deep impression of their mascara and I will have got myself another one if not for the fact that I have unopened tubes of mascara in my drawer.

Their eyeshadow duo/quad palettes look interesting but I resists the "calling", and instead, went for what I needed... a powder compact ( finally I can throw my old one away).

"Renew & Lift" Brightening Powder with Minerals (101 Porcelain)

It's supposed to give a fresher look & help to brighten up the face. Well, it does give me a "soft" look and added on some radiance. Guess I've got to try it for a longer period of time before I can make any fair judgement :) I like the design of the case. The mirror & sponge are hidden below the compact powder. You just got to lift it up. By the way, don't you think the "embossed" design on the compact powder is pretty cute?

And, I couldn't resist a nude like "gloss" lipstick either. *.. * Didn't they always say that, there's always room for another lipstick. Love the texture & glossy effect... It's really cheap ( $12+)

Gloss Maxx Lipstick 005